Sunday, March 12, 2006

Had a date with who?

Last Friday, I had a date with a couple of lamas (monks) that I have befriended here. Namkha and Karma are both of the Ningma sect of the Tibetan Buddhists. It is one of the oldest sects in Buddhism. Namkha invited me to visit the temple of Swayambunath which is a gathering place for both Buddhists and Hindus in Kathmandu. We stopped by their friend's shop to fix Namkha's prayer beads, and in true Nepali style, had to have some tea! Talk about whirlwind, we did this during my mid-day break of 4 hours - yeah, sounds great, but it takes forever to get across town in a taxi, and even worse in a micro-bus!

I will be spending more time at the orphanage now that my language classes are over and also because many of the students are preparing for "examinations" (aka mid-terms). Like I mentioned before, it has been a challenge. My language lessons have come in very handy. Many of the supplies you have donated have also helped me create some learning tools. I will be distributing some of the supplies to the orphanage I am at, but also to one that is newly being established. The new one does not have anything - no school supplies, no electricity, and even worse, no running water. I hope to donate some of the monetary gifts to help install a water line. Remarkably, the dollar goes a long way here. I can spend 100 rupees on a taxi and not think twice here (rs 100 = $1.40), but for some, it is a days wage! Thank-you all who have helped - it is greatly appreciated!!!

I gotta go back to the orphanage now. More to come. Oh, did I tell you that Kathmandu has over-used its electricity - so it is turned off for 5 hours or so a day or night depending on where you live? It creates such a hardship, but people manage. My tikka headlamp has come in really handy!! And lastly, Lakpa and Sharmila's wedding was a blast!



MarjieM said...

Jackie....You are making so much use of your time and resources...I love it that I can *go through* this with you....

Take care, Toots

Anna A said...

Sounds like you are having fun and doing good things. We all miss you but your blog is great for keeping us in touch.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jackie everything sounds amazing! I'm envious of students who beg for homework. Get lots of photos so we can have a slide show when you get back. Love
-Cynthia and Li'l Giuseppe
PS-We have been a bit lax in our duties and have only fed Douglas once. We'll do better.