Friday, May 19, 2006

Photographs of Kathmandu

My Host Family

East Kathmandu - closeby to where my host family lives

Dal bhat tarkari (Lentils, rice and veggies) - our daily meal - yum!

Young fruit vendor

Children at a school outside of Kathmandu supported by Hope and Home

My "niece" Rachna and me

Vegetable vendor in Thahity (pronounced "tahity" really!)

Sadhu at Pashupatinath temple (Hindu temple) on Shivaratri

Bouddhanath temple (Buddhist temple) during Losar (Tibetan New Year)

At a friend's wedding (celebrated in traditional Tibetan way)

Priest presiding over a Bratabanda (Hindu coming of age ceremony)

Another Bratabanda

Washing and playing in the holy Bagmati River

Empty street during the nationwide strike

Jubilation after the strike

Happy taxi driver after the strike - "now I can work"

Volunteer organizers (Rabyn-white shirt back row & Bijen non-striped blue shirt front row), host family members and Volunteers

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Doxey said...

Awesome photos Jackie!!