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Update from DHC New Life Center - June 5, 2011

Namaste Friends - this is the latest update from DHC NewLife Center. This is one of the organizations that we are helping in Nepal. A big shout out to those of you who donated recently to help the kids there - Gordon, Rose, Doug, Erin, Rob & Gina!! 

June 5, 2011
Update from DHC New Life Center

Dear supporter,

This is a brief email just to keep you up to date with how things are
going in our Care House.  The children are all well and have settled
into the new school year.  Thanks to generous donations from people in
Australia, America , New Zealand,France,Switzerland, Hongkong etc we
have been able to pay all the school fees for the whole year and buy
the children the required new school uniforms and text books.  The
children did very well in their school results last year with Mahesh
coming first in his class!  They are very studious.

Our very exciting news is that we have moved house.  The old house did
not have any outdoor area for the children in which they could play or
where we could have a garden but in the new house we have good outside
areas.  I have attached photos so that you can see the new house and
the outdoor areas.  Kindness in Action USA has paid the rent for the
new house which is wonderful.  We have a 5 year agreement (lease) on
this house and while it is much much better than our previous house we
still need to fix some things in it like making the toilet more
accessible, especially for those children whose disability affects
their legs, put in an underground water storage system as we only get
access to government water twice a week and work on the garden so that
we can grow some of our own vegetables.

The other good news is that again thanks to Rose Stevens, who is Vice
chairperson in Kindness in Action and who visited DHC New Life Centre
in February 2011 with Robert Rose, we have an inverter so that we can
have electricity.
In Nepal we have 12 hour loadshedding every day/night (that means no
electricity for 12 hours out of every 24 hours) which makes it really
difficult for the children at night to go to toilet and study, but
because we now have an inverter we have back up electricity which
makes a big difference for the children – we will be use it to power
the lights while the children study and do their homework.

We have 5 years agreement this house, comparatively more comfortable
and has ground , garden but still we need to fixed some infrastructure
for disabled children as well as we need to fixed toilet, we need to
take out underground water because government supply water come only 2
time in a week, it is not sufficient for drinking. In new house we
have space for garden and play ground but need to fixed it and
plantation in garden.

We have also had a number of volunteers come and spend time with us
and that has been really good – the children love to have volunteers

So we are going well and most importantly the children are well and
happy.  Please if you are coming to Nepal come and visit us and please
also keep in touch with us through email.  We value our contact with
our supporters and thank you very much for all the help you are giving
us to help make the lives of the children better.

Gordon Reiter has paid the health expanses which is really great! and
children getting regular health check up 3 times in a year and
Prosthetics like Crutches Caliper  wheelchairs etc.

With many thanks and best wishes

Amrit and everyone at DHC New Life Centre

(Please visit their website for photos and more details about them:

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