Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy New Year 2068 - DHC New Life Center update

Happy Nepali New Year - 2068!  No, I'm not wishing you a happy new year many years into the future, but the year according to the Bikram Sambat calendar which is used in Nepal. It starts usually in mid-April and marks the beginning of the solar new year.

With the new year brings preparations for another school year.  Amrit and his staff and volunteers at DHC New Life are busily helping the kids get ready by purchasing uniforms, shoes, and school bags. They are also making sure the children are healthy by taking them in for medical check-ups and providing specialized boots and crutches for the children who need them. All of this was possible with funds sent via TRIFC! If you're wondering who is paying for the tuitions, those are being covered in large part by generous donors from Australia, many of them friends of Sue Driscoll and Rose Falconer. So stay tuned, we'll be working closely with Amrit to determine future needs for DHC New Life Center. More to come in upcoming posts regarding both DHC and DRC, but in the meantime, here are some photos Amrit sent of the DHC kids in their new uniforms!  Thank-you to those of you who have donated to DHC New Life Center. A big shout out to Rob, Erin, and Gordon for your recent contributions!!!

Naya Barsako, Subha Kamana (Happy New Year),

Sue Driscoll (Left, pink top), Amrit (Middle, sitting), Rose Falconer (Right, next to Amrit), with staff and teens sporting their new uniforms at DHC New Life Center.

Spiffy shoes!

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