Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Fall and I'm not in Nepal! The 'Job I Love' reprise.

Namaste Friends,

Back in May, I blogged about the "Job I Love" and was keeping my fingers crossed to get a chunk of time off to visit Nepal in the Fall. It didn't happen, not because I couldn't get the time off, but because of projects at my day job. Yes, my day job trumped the "Job I Love".  Why? Because for the most part, I actually 'like' most aspects of my day job, I like the people I work with, and I really did not want to miss out on the implementation of those projects. And now, after reading some of Jon Acuff's book "Quitters", I realize more completely that without my day job, I would not be able to fund the "Job I Love".  I would not be able to donate to causes I feel passionate about or purchase the computer that I use to write my blog. Granted, if I didn't have my day job, I could possibly spend more time on the Job I Love.  Not! I would probably be looking for another job to keep the lights on and to pay the mortgage.  In this day and age, I'm grateful I have a job at all!

So here I am, blogging again, after what seems like an eternity! Since my August post, The Rose International Fund for Children had a successful fundraiser, raising over $12,000 which will help them to continue supporting their many projects. A couple of these projects include their Braille Book Library and their  Empowerment Program for deaf women, both based in Nepal.  Also since that last post, DHC NewLife's kitchen expansion project was completed to more comfortably accommodate the children, thanks to a couple of very generous overseas donors. And finally, during the months of September and October, Nepalis around the globe celebrated two of their most treasured holidays, Dashain and Dipawali!

So with the passing of Fall will come Winter, when we hunker down, reflect back on the year and hopefully spend some holiday time with loved ones. And since it is getting close to the 'giving' holidays, if you are able, maybe even donate some of the fruits of your day job to a cause you are passionate about (I am shameless, aren't I, but hey, it's not for me!!!).  Here are some ideas:

The Rose International Fund for Children - to help fund projects benefiting disabled children in Nepal.  Indicate in the comments if you want to specifically donate to DHC NewLife. Click here to learn more about DHC NewLife Center

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation - to help educate young women in Nepal

"4 the 1" - to help end human trafficking. Specify "for WPPC" so that funds will go to this Nepali organization committed to ending human slavery in Nepal. Click here to learn more about WPPC.

Thank-you all for visiting! Happy Fall! Happy Dashain and Dipawali!

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