Saturday, November 05, 2011

"Early to bed, Early to rise...

...makes a man or woman miss out on the nightlife."  That's some of the lyrics sung by the band Morphine who I just finished listening to on our stereo.  I chuckled to myself thinking "I didn't go to bed early and I'm still missing out on the nightlife", but am I really? Maybe a little since I'm not out with Doug and his pal, but I'm home, comfortable, and warm. What could I possibly missing out on? Then it got me thinking about the kids I spent time with in Nepal, especially as I read emails tonight from friends supporting various causes which benefit children and young women in Nepal. It made me wonder if the kids feel like they are missing out on something regardless of the time of day. 

When I was there in 2006, I never got that feeling from them. Some of the children were disabled and had some difficulty getting around, yet it didn't seem they felt that way save for one of them who could not go to school because of her disability. Imagine that, missing out on school was a major bummer to those who could not attend! I don't ever remember being too sad about not being able to go to school. Can you? But perhaps my time with them was too brief to know for sure, or perhaps that concept of 'missing out' was not yet in their young minds, despite having every reason to believe that they may be missing out on something.

Over the years, I've remained in touch with them via Amrit. He'd tell me about the various outings that volunteers would treat them to and I realized that because of their circumstances whether physical or economic, they did sort of miss out on what others without these limitations were experiencing.  Again, I don't know if they saw it that way, but one thing for sure, they loved being out and about! They enjoyed the moment.  They treasured it! And being at their care homes, the kids do have the opportunity to experience outings, experience going to school, experience friendships. How great is that!

So, stay tuned, as one of my work colleagues has just returned from a trip to Nepal where she and her cousin volunteered at DHC New Life Centre for a few days and treated the kids to a wonderful outing! I'll fill you in on the details and hopefully will have photos to share as well!!! One thing for sure, I know I missed out on that one!

Thanks for the visit and hanging out!

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