Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer 2013 Update

Hi all,

It's been quite some time since I've posted out an update. Lots of change has occurred at DHC New Life Center. Five of the children, now young adults (!), that you have helped over the years have completed their mandatory secondary education, passed their School Leaving Certificate examinations with flying colors, and are now moving out of the home to embark on another chapter of their lives where they will be pursuing their 'Plus 2' education. They will continue to receive support from DHC New Life via their own families and the support of various international donors and organizations, including TRIFC. Following my post below is a recent email from Amrit and DHC New Life Management Board in Nepal. 

2013 Graduates - June 2013

Here's also a link to a recent youtube video that we at TRIFC used for a recent Jolkona fundraising campaign that highlights these five wonderful teens.

Additionally, DHC New Life Center admitted 5 more children. Some with and without disabilities. It's an exciting time for the children and for DHC New Life and I am happy that we can be a part of this.

New children at DHC New Life - May 2013

The children and teens all dressed up for the new school year

We at TRIFC continue to help with Educational and Health funding for these children of DHC New Life Center along with our other project homes. It's really hard to believe it's been 7 years since we've embarked on this journey with the kids at DHC New Life and the kids at DRC. With your help and TRIFC's involvement, we've all come a long way!

Thanks everyone and I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!!


Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 12:42:05 +0545
Subject: DHC New Life Center Graduation Ceremony

Dear Donors and Supporters

Saturday 29th June 2013 was a day of  celebration tinged with some sadness, as we marked the graduation of Bharat, Ajaya, Sarvana, Shanta and Soma, the first of the family to move from the Care House to independent living,as they commence their College education and now graduate to become valued and loved members of our extended family.

We had a wonderful day with the DHC New Life Board members and neighbours sharing in the celebrations. Shanta is not in the photos as she was unable to make the journey back from her village.She has enrolled in a local College and we all sent her our love and very best wishes.

At this time we also thanks you all for your generous support. Without you there would have been no possibility for these talented and dedicated young adults to be able to continue on with higher education and work towards to fulfilling their dreams for the future.

Warm Regards Amrit and members of the DHC New Life Management Board.

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