Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Where has nearly two years gone?!

March 18, 2015 12:49 AM

I'm leaving for Nepal in just a few hours and thought to myself, "Hmm, maybe I should make an entry in my blog!" Yes, I could be sleeping and building up the energy to weather a 12 hour flight, a 15 hour layover (without a hotel bed to sleep in!), then a 7 hour flight, but no, better to start messing with the sleep cycle now!

I was surprised to see that it has been a while since I last blogged, but it's not for lack of subject matter. You see, there's this thing called Facebook and it has been my go-to site for sharing. Then there's this thing called Twitter... You get the picture. But what I have realized is that my sharing has become condensed. (Although, some of you may be happy about that!). But seriously, there has been so much great stuff going on and I haven't been writing about it.

Well, here it goes!

If you can believe this, nearly 2 years has gone by since my last post. Where has that time gone? What has happened? Since I do need to go to sleep at some point, I'll give you the Cliff Note version. My apologies, but a very, very, Cliff version.

Starting with the DHC NewLife Center, there were two more students who passed their SLC exams in 2014 and currently, another student is getting ready to take his exam for 2015! As these graduates move out of the DHC home and in with family or in hostels, new kids come to live at the DHC home. It's so great to watch these kids grow up and do so well in their studies, and to see the young ones thriving in their new environment!

In October of 2014, a group of friends, my husband and I went to Nepal. Yes, I admit it, we went to Nepal last Fall and I did not even blog about it! Yup, guilty! But hey, I posted it all on Facebook! We did it as a fundraiser for TRIFC, the organization that I have been involved with for the past few years! We spent some of our time visiting various organizations that TRIFC helps to support, including the DHC NewLife home. The rest of the time was spent trekking on the Annapurna Circuit and sightseeing around Kathmandu and Pokhara. Aside from my husband and I, this was the first time that our teammates had visited Nepal. A great time was had by all!

I'm sure there is a lot more that happened, but really, it's time for me to get some shut-eye. Although, it is daytime in Nepal right now and perhaps this is a good way to start adjusting to the time change! Or not...

Stay tuned! I will try to post stories here, like I did in 2006, but this time, I hope I can upload photos. Back then, between load-shedding (periods of no electricity) and an incredibly slow internet speed, it would have taken hours for a photo to upload! But times have changed and believe it or not, there was WIFI on the trekking route last October!


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