Sunday, March 22, 2015

Waking up is not hard to do, in Kathmandu.

Waking up in Kathmandu is a treat, especially when you are a wee bit jet-lagged and wide awake way before everyone else is. I’m staying in Thamel, the tourist district, and ‘quiet’ is not the first thing that pops into one’s mind when thinking of it. However, it is surprisingly quiet before dawn. Then, at first light, natural sounds emerge - of roosters crowing, pigeons cooing, and birds chirping. Inevitably, the human sounds makes their presence known - the coughing up of built-up phlegm, the opening of a metal shop door, the motorbike passing by and the honking of cabs. And after that all happens, the sky is much brighter and the sun is shining on the buildings adjacent to mine. All I feel is total peace and at home. I’m ready to take on the new day.

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