Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bangkok Flash and plug for China Air

Hi all, just got into Bangkok and wow is it warm! Summer is just beginning so temps are running about 80+ degrees. It took a while to get here, about 20 hours. But could have been worse - lady next to me was returning home to Thailand from Sarasota and had been travelling non-stop for 30+ hours. The longest leg for me was 14 hours to Taipei - I have never watched so many movies- all good - check out the Capote flick! Anyway, China Air is the way to go. Even in economy class, you get to choose from a huge selection of movies, you get house slippers, and dare I say, really good food (ok, this is coming from someone who loves cafeteria food!). As of my departure day, I did not have a place to stay in Bangkok (procrastination rearing its ugly head again!). But a last minute confirmation call to China Air brought up the question of where I was staying the night. Voila!, they set me up! I got off the plane and there was Kan (hotel rep) to whisk me through the lines and get me to a comfortable hotel in no time at all! So here I am, blogging you already and I haven't even been in Bangkok for more than 2 hours. Ok, I am off to check out the sights, what I can squeeze in for less than a day! It's a flash alright, and did I already tell you that compliments of China Air - I get dinner and breakfast, too! It really is all about eating! Until next time, Jackie

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Mary said...

Jackie!! you made it :) yeah!! Miss you at the Cafeteria already. Ate there twice already this week and its only Wednesday! Yup.. Its ALL about the food :P - Mary