Monday, February 27, 2006

High Speed Internet - NOT!

Hi all, this might be the best way for me to communicate to you en-masse. Internet connections are slow - the norm. Also the norm, riding around town by motorbike. Yes, this time it was with Rabyn from Hope and Home to do our site visit. I will be staying with a family who lives about 15 minutes away by foot from the disabled childrens facility where I will be volunteering. I start on Wednesday. Most of the children were at school when I visited today. I will be helping them in the morning and in the afternoons six days a week. Originally, I was going to be living there as well, but Rabyn set me up with a Nepali family close by. I think it will be great being part of a family. I will have a younger sister aka, bahini, at home who will show me the ropes.

Oh, btw, I got the name of the festival yesterday wrong. It is "Shivaratri" and it is to celebrate the Lord Shiva. I went with a young man name Dhurba, and it was amazing! More than 300,000 people from Nepal and India attended. Many sadhus (holy men) also come. On Shivaratri, smoking marijuana for the day is allowed - so that was a big draw.

Sorry that I cannot send photos - with this connection it is virtually impossible to send or receive anything with attachments. Perhaps blogs are different, but I am not sure.

Until the next post,


Greg Vincent said...

You go girl! Keep it real there in Nepal!

-G ta tha V

Brook said...

Hi Jackie,
I'm still trying to figure out how to comment. I tried signing on a number of different ways, as a blogger and anonymous, now I'm trying "other". Hopefully it'll work this time. I replied to your last e-mail, so thanks for sending that. It's great reading about what you're up to. I wish I was there with you. Things have been really busy at work with travel, and then going to AZ to check on my dad who has been ill, so I'm way behind on catching up with people including Doug. Hopefully we can catch him before he takes off to join you. Namaste! Brook