Sunday, February 26, 2006

Motorbike? We're going there on a motorbike?

I said I would post in a few days, but it's a quiet Sunday morning and lots have happened since my last posting. Yesterday, my friend Puspa (aka Pancho) took me to the city of Lalitpur, better known to tourists as Patan. There you find a large square full of beautiful temples. It is one of three temple squares in this area which housed the palaces of the ancient Malla kings that ruled here at one time. Puspa tells me that during that period (sorry, no dates, but might have been in the 1600s), three kings ruled - therefore, there are three temple squares (called Durbar Square in each area), one located here in Kathmandu, another in Bhaktapur (about 10 km east of KTM) , and the one previously mentioned, in Patan (about 7 km south of KTM). So how did I get there, well on the back of Puspa's motorbike! It was a fun and crazy ride - I'll show video when I get home! If any of you have been to Kathmandu or any third world city, you know what a ride it was!

We then headed to Bouddhanath - where one of the largest Buddhist stupas is located, to meet another friend for lunch. Let me tell you, the food is simple but delicious. I've only had Tibetan food since I got here. The Buddhist are currently celebrating Losar (Tibetan New Year) and depending on what sect you are a part of, this is celebrated around the phases of the moon usually in February. My friend Babu, who is a Sherpa from the Solu-Khumbu region (aka Everest region), is celebrating Losar on February 28th and has invited me to join the celebration at his home here in KTM. I am looking forward to it!

As I sit here, children are outside playing in the street getting ready for a "festival". I've just learned that today, the Hindus will be celebrating Subratri - the Lord Shiva's birthday. I may just have to check it out!

Tomorrow, I will officially meet with the organizer of the volunteer org that I have signed up with and we will be doing a site visit to the children's facility I will be volunteering at. Not sure exactly what day I begin, which how it is here, I am assuming the first of March. I am looking forward to the work.

More to come! Thanks to everyone for your messages! I hope all is well there at home - sure miss you all! Namaste, Jackie


Anonymous said...

Hello Jackie,
What great timing for all the celebrations. I can almost taste the Momos, Dal and spicy curries, and visualize the bright local colors.

Riding shotgun on a motorcycle in Kathmandu!!! What an adventure. That must be both exciting and very frightening. Did you end up closing your eyes and meditating through the congested intersections?

Say Hello to Babu and the gang.

Take care and looking forward to reading more about your daily events.

Say Hello to Babu and the gang.

Take care and looking forward to reading more about your daily events.

Doxey said...

Photos! We want photos!